One Man and His Blog

Writing a Blog has not been the most easy of tasks to start. There is a lot to take in to consideration and plan, but the research has been interesting so far and quite exciting.

The first step was to decide who is the target audience? who will the Blog be aimed at? I would love to write a Blog and just rant about every day situations and gather feedback from other people with similar stories – laugh with me, and share in life’s funny scenarios! But decided that would be fun, but what would my audience get out of reading the Blog? (apart from a smile of course).

This led to finding a purpose for the Blog which is to share my marketing experiences and to hear other people’s opinions and experiences. Most importantly it has already encouraged me to research new marketing practices that I will share along the way.

Like writing a book, the starting has been the most challenging part, and that is why I have researched how other people have written Blogs and what they have learned. Just Google  ” top Blog sites” you’ll find a list of most popular Blogs, the list is constantly updated. I found this Blog interesting – Lessons Learned from 3 years blogging.

Another consideration is getting over writer’s block. In these situations I remember the words of my Creative Writing tutor who said “The easiest way to get over the initial writer’s block is to just write about something that you know well, or that you have experienced – as long as you are writing, the rest will follow.” Sure enough, the words did follow and so did the short story.

So far in this Blog I’ve specified a target audience and decided on the subject. I have decided to write as a marketing practitioner and as someone with an interest in Photography, Design and Communications. Next was a theme.

There are so many ways to write a Blog and I have seen some really creative ideas (I will write a separate Blog on themes). Not long ago I was itching to write a Blog called D.I.S.E.O and write in the style of a song, with the lyrics themed on what I was learning about the SEO sector, although I was not sure this would capture the right audience,  the theme would definitely stand out.

After some research I have noticed that using themes do help capture an audience’s attention. Some Blogs are written solely for this purpose, for example – an eye catching Blog can help businesses to drive customers to their website without specifically talking about the nature of the business itself.

The theme for this Blog is the number ten and in each Blog you will find 10 points on a particular subject. The Overarching Blog title will be called The Decagon (a shape with ten sides that also – like my Blog, has 10 points).

Here are ten general points to consider when writing a Blog.

  1. Your Target Audience
  2. Your Blog Title
  3. Your Blog Theme
  4. Your Blog Language
  5. Your Blog Length
  6. Your Blog Ending
  7. Your Blog Links
  8. Encouraging feedback and conversation
  9. Encouraging readers to return to your Blog
  10. Personality 🙂

4 thoughts on “One Man and His Blog

  1. Thank you for your interesting article. With so many people on blog sites, blogging tips will likely remain a hot topic moving forward.

    I would like to add the following five tips to your insightful list:

    1. Use interesting visuals.
    2. Post tags.
    3. Make your blog easy to share.
    4. Post frequently.
    5. Promote your blog.

    Best wishes and happy blogging!

    1. Hello Laura. Glad you liked the article and thanks for your added bonus tips. These are specifically usefull for promoting a Blog and keeping the audience hooked and interensted. I have yet to tick all of the boxes myself so will be writing more of the full Blog experience – any input is welcome 🙂

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