Are you a Brand?

Last week I attended an interesting seminar about our own personal online presence and why we should keep tabs on how we sell ourselves online.

As a marketeer it is always refreshing to be reminded of what is happening in the sector and often walk away from seminars feeling a new surge of passion for business and marketing. This seminar took another root and talked of how we should market ourselves as marketeers.

As professionals we first have to decide exactly what our qualities and achievements are, what direction that we want to take and use our online presence to enhance those areas. In short we should manage ourselves as a brand. This seems to me, constructivism in its rawest form, and admittedly I felt a little less like a human when I left the room. Albeit the advice was good for those that are working in marketing and may for one reason or another be looking to change their specialism.

The main points from the seminar were:

  • be proud of your achievements online but don’t gloat
  • make a list of your qualities and choose how you want people to view you
  • create a message that sums up your abilities
  • be consistent in your message so people who talk about you are consistent in what they say about you
  • gather testimonials from people you work with as they are better positioned to give an objective view of your specialisms
  • smarten up your Google search – if there is anything on the first 2 pages of Google that is not related to how you would like yourself to be perceived then use to erase it. (Apparently this is big in the US – worryingly there may be a future where there is only a perception of the truth available online)
  • when writing a profile on LinkedIn – an idea is to write as if telling a story. This was interesting advice, it can be tedious reading cloned profiles of people, but telling a story helps to capture an audience, this allows for personalisation
  • promote your expertise on websites and blogs
  • add value
  • engage conversation.

Websites mentioned in the seminar:

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