QR Codes (Quick Response) Mobile Marketing

QR codes, what are they? A QR code works rather like a bar code in that it is a small black and white square that, with the right equipment, can be used to identify a pattern and reveal some information. The QR code differs from the bar code in that it is a 2D code and used for texts and URLs. The QR code can be used in brochures, magazines, books, on posters and giveaways. In fact any surface that can be printed on or why not build codes out of objects such as Lego. There is a lot of scope for some imaginative marketing and advertising projects.

If you wanted to hang an extra large bedsheet from the top of the Eifel Tower with a code printed on it, as long as a picture could be taken of the full square code, the mobile would directly connect to the given webpage, video, PDF or even text message that the code represents.

Androids and iphones (with a certain app) have the capability to recognise the pattern of the QR code and reads the information. The process works by a photograph being taken of the square code – click. Then data is read from the image, that is then recognised as a url and the mobile device will automatically take the user to the intended destination

QR codes that are used on marketing print add an exciting new level of interactivity for the customer and provides a direct channel to a website. Typing a web address from a print brochure is a thing of the past for android and iphone users. Gone are the days of typing in a web address, at the risk of losing your customer to another website, the user can be instantly directed to a web page.

Another exciting outcome of using QR codes is that they have broken down a barrier between a businesses holding information and a client receiving it, this is also a breakthrough in interactivity. The potential for this tool is huge and, although this has been around for a while now, I would not be surprised to see this grow over the next year along with android and mobile phone sales.

Wondering what is behind the code and where it will lead is intriguing therefore, captures an element of excitement, but also adds value to the customer experience. This small square pattern will take you to an online destination quickly and instantly. Video and virtual tours are examples of what would look very impressive to the customer when loading up on their mobile phone. This could be an instant case study video that is attached to your website or a virtual tour of a hotel facility etc etc. I am currently using QR codes for an outdoor train station campaign and looking forward to seeing the results. I will keep you informed.

QR code points

• QR codes are web addresses that are turned int o a code that is recognised by certain software and aps for androids and iphones.
• Just take a picture and the software will instantly direct you to the URL that the code was created for.
• QR codes enable the customer to be directed straight to the desired url, cutting out any interruptions from other advertising or sites.

For more information on QR codes visit the 2D Code Blog
You will find a list of top generators. I particularly found this one useful as it enables me to track where the QR code is situated and how many times there is a link from the code to our website: qrcode.good-survey.com/

2 thoughts on “QR Codes (Quick Response) Mobile Marketing

  1. Look out for the next Blog that will give examples of QR campaigns and how they have been used recently. I currently have a campaign at the printers ready to be distributed to train stations on 27th June but hoping I will not need to stand at the 5 stations handing out material on what one is 🙂 fingers crossed, glad the Blog was informative. 🙂

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