Has Apple lent a hand to a competitor?

Intel design hardware for computers including laptops. The aim of laptop hardware manufacturers is to make the parts faster, more powerful and thinner so the customer’s computer experience is accelerated from one laptop to another. Below is an advert of the desired affect Intel would like to aim for in the future.

The slenderness is demonstrated by, a depiction, of a thin laptop, held between the thumb and fingers to reveal how light the computer is. Ok, here’s where things get interesting.

Now look at the second advert, this one is of the MacBook Air, hold on, is that a similar advertisement? In fact, is that exactly the same hand? The hand lines seem to be in exactly the same place.

If you look at the Intel Advert you can see where the image has been edited and the gaps between the thumb and the computer.

The best thing about this is that Intel are advertising what they want their ideal computer to look like in the future but has chosen to use the same ad as the thinnest `actually existing` product on the market.

So who did their Ad first? 🙂 and did anyone do their research?

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