QR Codes – Ten uses for Quick Response Codes

1. TV sports: codes embedded into clothing – An NY basketball team have taken on a Social Media company to develop them a strategy to encourage, enthusiastic small people to get more involved with the sport. As part of this campaign, the players have QR codes embedded in to their clothing. Children can take pictures of the QR code which will lead them to information about the players, team position and gives technique tips.

2. TV cooking: The BBC are using QR in the background of a TV kitchen. The QR code leads to the recipe that the chef is cooking. This saves the viewer from writing down the url and taking it to a computer and typing in the web address. The viewer has instant access to the information.

3. Online shopping from a subway billboard

4. Product promotions and special offers: beer bottles – here is a nice article – it’s always good to see a collection of good product design and some with QR.

5. Video: virtual tours, case studies, instant sky diving video?

6. Games: I’m not even sure if this has been done yet but how about a QR code leading to an advertorial video game. This would mean the user would be instantly interacting with a game. A proven way of keeping an audience locked and of course with a QR code the game would appear instantly on the iphone or android screen.

7. Maps: Use Google maps as a QR destination for customers to locate where you are, or for stockists that supply a particular product. http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/wip/qr_codes/

8. Travel and Tourism: QR codes are ideal for showing tourists exactly what history a building has and what events have happened. It would enable the tourist to collect data instantly and even be lead to a virtual tour. Somewhere like Ancient Rome would be a prime example.

9. CV: Why not add a QR code to your CV? Depending on your specialism, you could use a QR code as a link to press releases, articles, online ads or even a video of yourself posted on Youtube.

10. Branding : Coca Cola >are a perfect example of how QR codes can be used to extend their branding. Their brand is already recognisable by sounds. The ice cubes dropping in to a glass, the bottle opening, a hard worker quenching their thirst. So they have the perfect product to have sounds to start when the qr image is taken. I hate to admit it but if I was really thirsty this would encourage me to go buy a coke. But what is in it for the consumer? There would have to be another reason to click on the QR code. Maybe an offer? Well I have these ideas but after some research it looks like great minds think alike

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