Guerrilla Marketing – Has It Gone-Ape or AWOL? (Includes 40 Campaigns)

40 Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

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Ape or AWOL?

An infused mix of creativity, originality, striking imagery and high-impact messages – Guerrila Marketing has delivered over three decades of imaginative ideas brought-to-life in the form of advertising in public places. Some say that Guerilla Marketing began in the seventies when earlier `Mad Men` style campaigns became predictable. Others say popularity grew as small businesses took the opportunity to make an impact on the public with little or no cost. However, the use of imagination and creativity brought small companies on a level-playing-field with larger organisations, such as KitKat and MacDonalds who have used the same high-impact, creative strategy to promote their products. They all have one thing in common – individuality.

People have to look twice. One of my favourite types of Guerilla Marketing is reverse Graffiti which is designed by sketching in places where dirt has gathered on the street (usually from car fumes). Believe it or not drawing in dirt was banned by some local councils in the UK, although some started placing charges for hiring the space. (see examples in gallery)

It’s inspiring to see this type of advertising/marketing as it allows for art to blossom on the streets. On the other hand, it could be said that Guerrilla Marketing has been taken a little too far. For instance, Kari Smith sold her forehead (yes, sold her forehead), as advertising space on ebay for $10,000.

At this point, after much research, I wondered if Guerrilla Marketing had come to a timely end, and it had all gone wrong. My opinion changed when I saw the more recent campaign below that shows there are still plenty more creative ways to market a business, without taking things a step too far! 

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