…Moving Backwards into the Future!

On waking up to the devastating news that the UK have voted out of the European Union, I subsequently spent the day reading about the inevitable consequences to the UK from a political, humanitarian and business perspective. We wait anxiously to see if the pound will recover from a drop steeper than any since the early 70’s.

The marketing and advertising industry is a creative sector united in voting to remain in the EU. Business relationships with our neighbouring countries and both B2B and B2C marketing within the UK will all be affected by Brexit – to what extent we can only predict, uncertainty has shadowed the country. As the Union Jack flies high in the gardens of BNP voters, I wonder where the “remain” campaigns were hiding, and if the marketing industry could have done more in the run up to the referendum, I certainly wish I had.

David Cameron’s resignation speech stated that he had campaigned over the past four months to remain in the EU. Yet, I didn’t come across anything that stood out in Nottingham (an information booklet that sat happily along with the usual junk mail). The media and politicians that were behind remaining in the EU were blown out of the public eye by vigorous “leave” campaigns by far right fear tactics, from newspapers such as The Express, The Sun and The Daily Mail. Eating a burger in Wetherspoons came with a side order of “Leave” beer mats, and an internal magazine so unbalanced with “Leave” opinions, it nearly fell off the table.

With politicians looking shell shocked themselves as the catastrophe unveils, the reality of another recession looming over the UK and diplomatic relations breaking as I write – I really hope there is a chance for the UK to vote again, and for the marketing industry to push for what is best for most creative businesses.




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