Stock Photography : Barbie Does Business

Images are a critical element of any type of business communications. From branding, internal comms, external comms, online marketing, PR and Advertising – they all rely on images to assist copy in pushing a message across, a good image catches the eye of a perspective customer first. So why do business` choose stock photography? Many… Continue reading Stock Photography : Barbie Does Business

QR Codes (Quick Response) Mobile Marketing

QR codes, what are they? A QR code works rather like a bar code in that it is a small black and white square that, with the right equipment, can be used to identify a pattern and reveal some information. The QR code differs from the bar code in that it is a 2D code… Continue reading QR Codes (Quick Response) Mobile Marketing

Ten Points for Writing an Online Press Release

        Over the past five years of my marketing career there has been a swift change in how businesses market their products. Five years ago companies were compelled to use top bracket marketing and advertising agencies and were also likely to pay PR agencies a lot of money for press exposure that… Continue reading Ten Points for Writing an Online Press Release